As a business professional who has spent most of his professional life in the media and working in front of large audiences, Tim has developed keynote presentations to help individuals and businesses understand, capitalize on, and monetize the communication process.

How to Become a Media Magnet
Essential Strategies to Increase Visibility & Profits

Discover the insider secrets to unlock the gate and gain access to the public via multiple platforms in a way that enhances your business and personal reputation. Learn essential strategies to help your business survive and grow in a world where everybody is screaming to be heard by becoming a Media Magnet!

The “Media Magnet Method” is designed to help you become an in-demand “subject expert” by providing clarity, process and direction in the following areas:

  1. The benefits of appearing in the Media
  2. Finding your unique value proposition
  3. Which media platform is best for you?
  4. How do you “pitch” the media?
  5. How to make sure you shine in the spotlight
  6. How to make sure you get asked back
  7. How to monetize your media opportunity

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The Pursuit Academy: Do You Want the Answers to the Test?

Learn how to make better decisions and operate more efficiently by adopting and incorporating a simple mind shift. This program is designed for young students by exposing them to business strategies to help them set goals, function at a higher level, and recover from mistakes. They will leave with action steps to start the process immediately.

This program offers strategies to:

  • Learn the mindset shift they must make to think about themselves not as a child, or as a student, but rather as the owner of their own business, which is exactly what they are
  • Learn why they must make decisions based on sound business principles, rather than on emotions
  • Discover their personal “brand,” and how to protect and project it
  • Pick up a simple, yet powerful tool to help them change their thought process, and in doing so, make better decisions

Click below to download the full speaker sheet on "Do You Want the Answers to the Test?”

Communications Strategy

Tim can help you navigate on multiple platforms by looking at the way you or your company uses them and the kinds of messages you send. After all, the way you communicate affects the way people respond to you.


  • Analyze your current content
  • Understand & align business goals with messaging
  • Identify most effective platforms for engagement
  • Create a strategy to implement change
  • Training to communicate more effectively

Tim also has extensive, first-hand experience in ‘Crisis Media’, from having asked the tough questions to people in the spotlight, to helping Business Executives, Professional Athletes and Professional Sports Organizations create an effective strategy to protect and capitalize on their brand through the media.


Do you find yourself or your business “stuck?” Tim has spent his lifetime studying successful coaches at all levels of sport, experience he applied as a successful youth sports and high school football coach. The move to business opened the door to personal coaching where Tim has studied under the likes of Ajit Nawalka, the co-founder of Mindvalley, and host of Evercoach, to help facilitate growth in people and to help them overcome obstacles.


  • Ensure content is in alignment with marketing object
  • Designing media strategies to achieve marketing targets
  • Manage, create and publish original, high-quality content on all media platforms
  • Administer all company media accounts to ensure up-to-date content
  • Facilitate client-company communication

McNiff's Riffs

As part of his new role at KARE-11 Tim produces a bi-weekly series of blog-posts called “McNiff’s Riffs” that can be found at kare11.com and on the KARE-11 Facebook page. These posts are typically supported by Facebook Live interactions on Monday and Thursday mornings, between 8-9AM.